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    Orthopedics and traumatology deal with the movement system; that is, the bones, muscles, and joints of the arms, legs, pelvis, and spine. The modern definition of orthopedics and traumatology is as follows: It includes the preservation of the shape and functions of the movement system as well as its physical and functional correction if impaired. Here are the popular orthopedics and traumatology treatments.

    Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is a class of surgery on the bones of your spine (backbone). Fewer incisions are made during this kind of surgery than normal ones. It frequently results in less damage to the adjacent muscles and other structures.

    Arthroscopy is a surgical technique orthopedic surgeons use to visualize, analyze, and treat issues inside a joint.

    Your thighbone, shinbone, and kneecap are taken away during the treatment, and the injured bone and cartilage are replaced with an artificial joint (prosthesis) comprised of metal alloys, premium plastics, and polymers.

    During this procedure, the surgeon replaces the damaged hip joint elements with new ones that are often made of metal, ceramic, or very hard plastic during hip replacement surgery.

    Arthroplasty is defined as prosthetic surgery that is applied to cutting-edge calcifications after articular cartilage abrasions.

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