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Medical Aesthetic

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    Medical Aesthetic

    Medical aesthetics includes all medical treatments that aim to improve patients’ cosmetic appearance. It is a beautiful little niche between the beauty industry and plastic surgery. You can improve your appearance with a variety of stunning tweaks provided by qualified doctors, nurses, or dentists. Just like in the Mydora. Here are the popular medical aesthetic treatments that Mydora offers to its patients.

    With the help of the filler that will be injected into your skin, the liquid facelift procedure will soften the lines and wrinkles on your face and your skin sagging will be lessened as a result. With the aid of this filler, which lessens sagging, you will achieve a healthier and more youthful look.

    You can restore the shine of your skin with this non-surgical, incision-free, risk-free method of youth therapy. Mesotherapy is an anti-aging treatment that uses a product called NCTF 135 HA. “New Cellular Treatment Factor” is applied by injecting many vitamins, minerals, and coenzymes directly into the lower layer of the skin to trigger cellular regeneration.

    Your skin must regain the volume it lost if you want it to seem supple, resilient, youthful, and healthy. Our specialists at MyDora use medical equipment with the most cutting-edge technologies to carry out potent anti-aging treatments. Dermal Filler Face Lift Treatment replaces the appearance of aging skin with a youthful and plump appearance by adding volume to defined regions with the use of an aesthetic gel-based substance that is injected into your skin.

    This technique includes radiofrequency and gold needles. Through the use of gold-coated needles, radiofrequency radiation is delivered beneath the skin to heal the damaged skin structure. It is a procedure that has no impact on the skin’s outer layer. It corrects any blemishes or skin deformities brought on by aging or outside influences.

    HIFU is a non-surgical technique for skin and face rejuvenation. Without requiring surgery, it offers facelift results. It is typically advised for people who are mild to moderately elderly. HIFU can repair skin wounds since it uses controlled heat to treat the bottom section of the skin. At the end of the procedure skin eventually tightens and rejuvenates itself.

    Three types of threads can be used in thread face lifting. These can be listed as PDO (polydioxanone) threads that appear in blue-purple colors, threads that melt late (approximately 1.5 years) in PLA/PCL (polylactic acid/polycaprolactone) structures or only in polycarbonate structures, and silicone-coated threads on polyester that melt slowly. This procedure involves attaching these threads to the areas to be lifted, and the tissues around the conical bones are suspended and stretched as a result.

    Botulinum toxin injection, also known as botox, is one of the most widely used aesthetic practices. General usage areas are skin areas with dense lines and wrinkles. These lines and wrinkles appear due to extreme muscle work. So in general it is an aging result. Botulinum toxin is the safest and most useful solution used to loosen the muscles nicely and eradicate lines.

    Masseter Botox, which reshapes the face, inherently offers this effect. This process can be completed without a trace and in a short time. You can have a more oval and attractive jawline by making masseter botox in the hands of professionals at Mydora.

    A gummy smile can put the person in situations that do not feel comfortable by disrupting one’s aesthetic appearance. With the gummy smile botox process, it is possible to achieve a more sincere smile easily. This procedure is applied with lip botox, which prevents the gums from appearing more than the acceptable amount.

    Sweating is important for the body because it balances the body’s temperature control. However, some people sweat more than they should. This is a serious problem that can hinder people’s quality of life. However thanks to botox treatment, this problem can be solved easily. The treatment included an injection process. After almost 15 minutes of this procedure, the patient can continue his life where he left off.

    Fillers are materials used in cosmetic procedures. Gel-type dermal fillers are injected subcutaneously. In general, it is used to cover wrinkles and gives the face a more youthful and vibrant appearance. The wrinkles you complain about will no longer bother you thanks to these procedures.

    Women can have lips that are more voluminous and in better shape using hyaluronic acid. Before starting the procedure, experts apply an anesthetic cream to the lips to help you feel less pain. After the injection, which lasts roughly 30 minutes, you can immediately return to your normal activities.

    The best technique to recover volume is through dermal fillers with a hyaluronic basis that is injected. This technique can be used to treat tear ducts, dark circles, and bags under the eyes. Dermal fillers also moisturize the skin around the eyes, promote the formation of collagen and elastin, and help the skin heal.

    Nose filling, which re-models and re-shapes the skeletal frame of the nose without surgery, uses absorbable and safe hyaluronic acid injection ingredients. While not all disorders may be resolved without surgery, for those that can, nose filling is a quicker procedure than surgical procedures.

    The cheek augmentation procedure, often known as cheek fillers, adds volume to the area surrounding your cheekbones. Dermal fillers are utilized to achieve that instant “plumping” look, restoring and enhancing the volume of the cheeks and giving definition to the natural cheekbone structure, resembling the youthful facial contours.

    An injection of chin filler is a nonsurgical technique that modifies the chin’s shape and definition. People who want a more balanced face structure and are self-conscious about their side profile frequently have this treatment. Chin fillers can strengthen the jawline, giving the face a more youthful appearance.

    Jawline filler is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that gives your jaw area a more defined look. Fillers are safe substances injected beneath your skin by your healthcare provider. Your skin looks plumper after using the filler and it gives you smoother, younger-looking skin.

    Nasolabial fold fillers are dermal fillers that fill in and plump up the wrinkles that we see running down the nose to the corner of the mouth. They develop because of old age and also because we smile, which is why they are called laugh lines or smile lines. With this procedure, you can smile untroubled due to the minimal invasion of fillers.

    The temple filler procedure restores lost volume to the face and provides it with the youthful appearance it deserves. Thanks to the procedure, volume losses in the temple region, where the natural form of the face is disrupted and filled expertly.

    Anti-aging vaccines are designed to get rid of wrinkles that develop on your skin as you age. In addition to wrinkles, the negative effects of the sun are also treated using this technique. As a result of this operation, you will look younger and it will provide your skin radiance, hydration, and flexibility.

    Hand rejuvenation is a non-surgical method that has been specially developed to rejuvenate the hands that cannot oppose aging. Hand rejuvenation treatments are used to improve the quality of the skin, fill in the areas of the skin, minimize skin thinning, and eradicate skin imperfections. The definition of hand rejuvenation also includes applications for chemical peeling which erases blemishes on hands.

    The Plexr device is used to eliminate stains and wrinkles that cause a person to look weary and pale without the need for surgery and is utilized particularly in the treatment of the eye and forehead area. With this non-invasive process, no knife or laser will touch your body. During this treatment, a plasma arc is produced in the area that rapidly stimulates and tightens the skin.