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Hair Transplantation

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    Hair Transplantation

    Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are removed from the “donor site” on one region of the body and placed on the “receiver site,” a bald or balding area. Male pattern baldness is the main condition that this method is used to address. Grafts with hair follicles from areas of the body that are genetically resistant to balding, such as the back of the head, are transferred to the bald scalp during this minimally invasive surgery.

    There are two types of hair transplant method that has been used popularly.

    Fue Hair Transplant Technique

    It is a hair transplantation technique that is carried out without the use of surgical intervention, and it is abbreviated as Follicular Unit Extraction. Using this technique, each strand of hair is taken one by one and repositioned to spots where there is no hair or sparseness.

    DHI Hair Transplantation | Implanter Pen Technique

    It is also known as the unshaven hair transplantation method. It has not been accepted as a method by scientific circles and is defined as a separate hair transplant method. It also has been accepted as an implanter application of the FUE technique. In the DHI technique, healthy grafts are taken from the donor area. Then it is sowed in the target spot without applying the channel opening procedure.