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    What is Check-Up?

    A check-up is essentially a set of health screening procedures offered to healthy individuals as a means of detecting and preventing probable health hazards early on. Check-up programs are designed in line with specific risk factors and requirements of each patient. Age, lifestyle, genetic heritage, and environmental factors should be taken into consideration and checkups can be differently categorized in line with these factors. Mydora offers tailor made checkup packages for the ones who would like to combine health&travel in Turkey!

    Men Aged Over 40
    It’s time to take your health seriously if you’re over 40. Having a urology consultation, cardiological and radiological examinations, and many laboratory tests combined with a holiday is a perfect opportunity.

    Women Aged Over 40
    Many diseases can be cured at an early stage in women over 40. You or your loved ones will benefit from this check-up package, which includes a gynecological examination, mammography, smear test, and more.

    Men Aged Under 40
    By combining your holidays abroad with a check-up program, you can eliminate the risk of developing diseases at a young age.

    Women Aged Under 40
    Prevent health problems before they become too complicated to treat. Combining your holiday with a high-quality medical setup and an affordable check-up is a great idea.

    Check-Up For Children
    You can protect your child from possible dental, pediatric, and ophthalmology diseases thanks to early detection provided by the check-up procedure.

    Genetic Check-Up
    A genetic check-up can reveal many results that can help you protect your health by being cautious about specific areas.

    Please reach us to get more information about Check-up packages!