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About Us



Mydora was established with the aim of providing premium healthcare service to patients all around the world and turning the treatment process into a comfortable journey in Turkey. It is located in Istanbul’s Atasehir district populated by high-end hospitals. Mydora’s team has dozens years of combined experience in healthcare sector.

As a health tourism agency, Mydora creates a unique treatment journey in collaboration with accomplished doctors and outstanding health institutions in Turkey. With its patient centric approach, Mydora offers unique and individual solutions to its patients with utmost care. Mydora provides wide variety of treatments such as  plastic surgery, obesity surgery, hair transplant and dental treatment at the hospitals equipped with cutting edge technologies.

The brand name, “Mydora” comes from the combination of “my” in English and “Dora” in Turkish. Dora means high, peak, top, whereas in Greek it means gift. Mydora is here for you to make you reach Your Dora! It is ready to make your dream come through and if you’re a patient, Mydora is glad to offer you different  treatment options  for you with its experienced medical team and strong network.

”To transform treatment  into a journey”

Mydora treats each patient’s need unique and fulfills each need with utmost care. It creates a journey where patient is only care about her recovery. From your arrival to departure, each moment of your journey is planned by our experienced team.

Be a worldwide healthcare hub in collaboration with experienced healthcare professionals andprovide treatment packages for the patients all around the world.

Mydora is a health tourism agency founded by a healthcare professional and patient safety always comes first in each of its operations.

Core values of the company are:

Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of how we operate our business in an ethical way. Honesty and trust are central to integrity and we approach each patient with integrity.

Transparency: In terms of medical information transparency has a key role. At Mydora, patient’s safety always comes first and our team always communicates openly and honestly with all stakeholders.

Reliability: Mydora collaborates with only doctors expert in their own fields, authorized healthcare institutions, accommodation facilities and transportation services and always offers reliable treatment packages. Each team member fully commits herself to meet to patient sexpectations and communicate with each stakeholder in a reliable manner.

Mahmut Kara, completed his medical studies in Turkey’s top-notch Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine in 2011. Later, he completed his residency in the Department of Pediatrics at Marmara University, specializing in intensive care. He has worked many high-end private and public hospitals in Turkey for more than 10 years. His experience in hospitals and specifically intensive care made him a sought-after medical professional in Turkey.

Throughout his career at the intensive care units, he has developed strong relations with surgeons and hospitals specialized reconstructive surgery. Dr. Kara, a well-respected consultant physician in the healthcare sector for his “Patient Safety First” approach aims to provide top-grade professional healthcare services to Mydora’s international patients by employing his expertise and strong network.

Neşe Kara completed her undergraduate education at Turkey’s most respected Bosphorus University’s Department of Tourism Administration in 2011. She gained her first tourism experience at an international airlines company. As a first line respondent, she handled dozens of passenger related issues and found viable solutions immediately. Her success at this job, opened her new horizons at one of world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and she became an esteemed member of the Communications Department of the company.

At this position, she developed strong relations with the leaders and members of the health sector, both nationally and globally. She handled internal and external communications for the Company. Later, she earned her master’s degree on Integrated Marketing Communications. Ms. Kara has years of combined experience of communication and marketing in the healthcare industry.  She is specialized in digital communication, corporate social responsibility, and event management. At Mydora, she brings her corporate experience to individual level and offers personal solutions to national and international patients.